Start-Up Watch Company of the Day: Needium helps SMBs strike while the iron is hot

Posted by Jim Nichols on February 3rd, 2011at 12:00 am

Don't you just hate it when marketing gets mock professionalized with terms like “acute need state?”
No chance of that pomposity from the people who bring us Needium, a social media lead gen solution for SMBs that is really intriguing. The Needium people call a spade a spade, meaning that they say that the ideal time [...]

Advertising Accountability: Every CMO Wants It, But Few Know How to Get It

Posted by Bruce Rogers on March 12th, 2010at 7:00 pm

Advertising is the business of persuasion, and as long as the individual needs, wants and desires, advertising will remain both an art and a science.

ad:tech San Francisco: What’s New?

Posted by Brad Berens on February 24th, 2010at 11:39 pm

We've taken ad:tech -- the world's biggest digital marketing and media show -- and made it even better. I'm proud to report that over the last several months, the ad:tech team has worked hard to create a best-in-class experience for you both in the ad:tech conference and on the Expo show floor. When you arrive at Moscone North this April, you'll see the next evolution of ad:tech. So what's changing?

‘Damn! If Only We Did Some Landing Page Testing’

Posted by staff on April 22nd, 2009at 6:00 pm
Written by Steve Hall

The biggest learning that came out of the ad:tech Omniture Sponsored Workshop: Close the Deal—Techniques and Technology That Will Increase Your Conversion Rates panel was a quote from Jupiter Research which stated, “Although only one third of the market is currently testing…79% of these companies have increased registration per visit, 74% have improved customers’ satisfaction and 68% have increased conversion rates.”