Start-Up Watch COD: Wantlet helps consumers get recos and second opinions on what they want

Posted by Jim Nichols on April 27th, 2011at 12:01 am

The importance of personal recommendations in motivating purchase is well documented. Harris Interactive conducted a survey in June 2010 that showed that for 71% of consumers, recommendations from friends and family exert a “great deal” of influence on their purchases and opinions. Further, in February of last year, eMarketer reported that a personal recommendation exerts [...]

Twitter followers vs. Facebook fans

Posted by Amy Lanigan on October 29th, 2010at 4:56 pm

In a head-to-head match between Twitter followers and Facebook fans, Forrester puts their money on Twitter followers. What's at stake? The winner is deemed to hold the most value for brands.
The score according to the study? Twitter followers are more likely to recommend the brands they follow to friends (33% vs. 21%) and to buy [...]