Start-Up Watch COD: Prezi makes engaging presentations that go zoooom

Posted by Jim Nichols on May 2nd, 2011at 12:01 am

People that know me know that I make an insane number of presentations. Like 2-10 a week. Lemme tell you, I know my .pptx better than anyone. I’m not going to claim that the PowerPoint developers call me for advice, but if I ever see a 425 area code on my caller ID, I’ll know [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: Crowdtap makes influential people available to brands on demand

Posted by Jim Nichols on April 25th, 2011at 12:01 am

We all understand the value of consumer feedback for marketing ideas. By involving consumers at various stages of products and marketing program development, we can drive better results and a more efficient use of resources.
Of course, market research has been around for decades, and has helped brands get in better touch with how to meet [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: Proximic improves results through the power of granular contextual and audience data

Posted by Jim Nichols on April 22nd, 2011at 12:01 am

If site and audience data are key tools in the effort to get better results from online ads, it stands to reason that more precise data may make a real difference in results.

That’s what Proximic describes as its value proposition. Proximic provides more granular contextual and audience data to DSPs, networks, pubs and SSPs. The [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: Solve Media helps consumers “pay” with attention instead of cash

Posted by Jim Nichols on April 5th, 2011at 12:01 am

Publishers need to get more money for the content that they produce. A good deal more. While the concept of an entirely ad supported content ecosystem was and is appealing, it is also unrealistic. We see it in the number of newspapers that have folded in the US, despite seeing significant gains in online traffic. [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: Dukky and the socially empowered direct mail campaign

Posted by Jim Nichols on March 24th, 2011at 12:01 am

Social media are transforming the way we think about personal influence as a leveragable business asset for brands. A company called Dukky has developed an innovative way of combining the enduring power of direct mail prospecting with social media to unleash that social power AND more accurately measure the individual value of consumers to our [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: SpredFast and multichannel social media execution

Posted by Jim Nichols on March 23rd, 2011at 12:01 am

How deep is your commitment to social media? For some companies, it runs far deeper than a page on Facebook. Which, I will add, is not to disparage Facebook centric programs and the great tools like Vitrue, Buddy Media, and Involver, et al. But rather to say that some brands have taken an extremely broad [...]