Start-Up Watch COD: Perfect Market helps pubs monetize their content vaults

Posted by Jim Nichols on April 21st, 2011at 12:01 am

How long does a piece of content remain engaging to consumers? It depends, of course. How long is it valuable to a pub? Well, under ordinary circumstances, only as long as a news story is in the fiery eye of the storm of nearly universal consumer interest. By which I mean great content that would [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: Clovr Media connects the digital promos shoppers see with their credit and debit cards

Posted by Jim Nichols on April 20th, 2011at 12:01 am

Over the past couple of years, a number of companies have been working on a way to definitively tie online advertising to offline sales. Nielsen and IRI are partnered with a variety of ad networks to use their scanner panels as a way of demonstrating estimated volume impact of banner ads. Solutions like GSN deliver [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: gives brands real time qualitative research results for a song

Posted by Jim Nichols on April 6th, 2011at 12:01 am

I don’t think there’s any question that digital is upending the way brands design, gather, and interpret consumer research. As a discipline that long relied on panels and M&M eaters willing to spend two hours on a Tuesday in a room with a two way  mirror, research has long had a set of methodologies that [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: Favit – the new home of passionate enthusiasts?

Posted by Jim Nichols on April 1st, 2011at 12:01 am

In the coming years, category experts and superfans are going to be core to successful marketing strategies. Given this, I am always on the lookout for interesting tools and platforms that will likely attract enthusiasts. It stands to reason that such communities need to be on the radar of brands that are about more than [...]

Start-up Watch COD: New West and the next generation of local media

Posted by Jim Nichols on March 28th, 2011at 12:01 am

We live in an era where newspapers continue to fall in circ and close. We sorely need a new media model that can fill the void in local and regional news coverage. While on some level we all have access to more news than ever through the Internet, there really isn’t a proven model yet [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: Lanyrd is the super nifty social conference directory

Posted by Jim Nichols on March 15th, 2011at 12:01 am

Do you go to a lot of conferences? Or do you only go to one, and spend a lot of time selecting the perfect event for your networking and personal development? Or do you fall somewhere in between? Or do you generally not get to go to conferences for reasons of cost or schedule, but [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: eXaudios let’s you “see” how customers are feeling, over the phone

Posted by Jim Nichols on March 9th, 2011at 12:00 am

Few would dispute that an in-person meeting is a better way to gauge the interest and emotions of a prospect or customer than a phone call. But we can’t be everywhere. Hence the rise of call centers – whether in the US or in any of dozens of outsource countries around the globe.
Certainly, innovations like [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: StuffBuff and the decline of the buying destination

Posted by Jim Nichols on March 8th, 2011at 12:00 am

One of the tenets of 2.0 is a rethink of the manner by which information and functionality is organized. In Web 1.0, we simply added an interactive layer to an old model – destination sites and online stores. But one of the reasons why social has so radically altered online is that it enables content [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: Apture makes pubs sticky as fly paper

Posted by Jim Nichols on March 7th, 2011at 12:00 am

While most of the posts on this blog will be from the perspective of a marketer, occasionally I want to showcase some fascinating developments in pub-side solutions. I love content sites, both as a user and as someone who wants to reward content providers with revenue sufficient to keep them...contenting. As it were. Today is [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: Vook – The platform that changes everything in book publishing

Posted by Jim Nichols on March 4th, 2011at 12:00 am

One of my wonkier interests is book marketing – a field with its own rules, realities, and best practices. I’ve heard that ultimately the industry is built on only a couple million consumers. OK, cookbooks can get beyond that core set, also romance which has something like 30 million core readers, ditto catchily titled books [...]