The 2011 Social Super Bowl: Three marketing contenders.

Posted by Amy Lanigan on October 12th, 2010at 10:22 pm

Subservient chicken. Elf yourself. Burberry Art of the Trench. Old Spice.
In the Super Bowl of social marketing these campaigns are shiny trophies on the virtual shelf. They are what clients cheer for, what they want - for their own.
But these are not the answer for everyone. Me-too is not enough. And the rules of the [...]

The Value In Sharing War Stories With Other Brand Marketers

Posted by Kip Edwardson on March 24th, 2010at 10:02 pm

I just got off the phone with Neil Perry, who is going to be moderating the Monday sessions for the brand tracks this year at ad:tech San Francisco, and he was asking if I would be willing to participate and help out.

Keeping search trends in check

Posted by Kevin Ryan on March 5th, 2010at 10:28 pm

The connected world of search and find is changing pretty fast. Search algorithms have been shifting and shaking since the early days of indexing websites.