The Empowered Customer

Posted by Andy Cleff on November 4th, 2010at 6:55 pm

Josh Bernoff of Forrest Research is clearly a data-lovin' kind a guy. And he had some interesting numbers to share at today's ad:tech session "Social Media -- Learning to Listen to Your Customers."

Customer Dialog in the Digital Age

Posted by Andy Cleff on November 4th, 2010at 3:58 pm

Sitting in the Ad:Tech session “Digital Dialog - The Strategic Pillars to Build Customer Relationships in the Digital Ecosystem” – I began to wonder “What has really changed in the last decade?”

Influence Trounces Impression, leaves it to die on the side of the road

Posted by Ana Yoerg on April 21st, 2010at 6:00 am

Impressions are not only dying, they're downright ancient, concluded panelists at the "New World of Word of Mouth" gathering on Tuesday afternoon.
Rather, it's now all about influence. The audience was presented with two case studies, one "earned" and one "bought" campaign -- but both with impressive results. Some of the more helpful figures was Bob [...]

Word of Mouth 2.0: Using Influence to Re-Invent the Impression

Posted by Tim Schigel on April 20th, 2010at 5:51 pm

In marketing, connecting with your audience is everything. Agencies and publishers have been splitting people into different segments for as long as they have been trying to sell them things. But with the popularity of social media and the lightspeed distribution and shuffling of content, whole new types of audiences – and ways to reach them – have developed, leaving marketers in need of a new approach.