The faces of ad:tech

Posted by Greg Bardsley on November 4th, 2010at 7:07 pm

We hit the ad:tech expo hall to find out who's on the floor and learn a little bit more about a handful of this year's attendees.

Four videos to put in your next deck

Posted by Amy Lanigan on October 20th, 2010at 3:03 am

Apple's Mac vs. PC campaign changed online advertising with it. Runway shows are no longer exclusive because of it. As video creators and voyeurs we continually turn to it.
In September, ComScore reported that 83.9% of U.S. internet users watched some form of online video content. The average user consumed ~14.4 hours.
Here are [...]

How video is changing the online advertising landscape forever

Posted by Julia Casale on October 5th, 2010at 6:40 pm

What do I think will be a game changer for digital marketing in 2011? Without question: online video. Online video is no longer experimental. It will be a necessary component to any major brand's online media strategy.
 Over the last few years the online video space has been building great momentum: consumers gaining broadband access, publishers [...]

Why Big Advertising Dollars are Moving to Online Video

Posted by Drew Hubbard on April 21st, 2010at 6:54 pm

Video is positioned to become the primary form of brand advertising in the digital space. Video should not stand along but rather be part of a bigger creative idea in order to be successful. On the back end, measurement and monitoring are vital parts of communicating a video campaign's success. Finally, paid support is almost always a required part of any video seeding effort. Brands will rarely see runaway successes that are purely organic.

A final ad:tech video post from Reid Carr, President and CEO of Red Door Interactive

Posted by Reid Carr on April 16th, 2010at 5:44 pm

Reid Carr, the Creative Agency Ambassador, hopes to see you at ad:tech San Francisco April 19-21.

The Internet’s Funniest People at ad:tech

Posted by Daisy Whitney on April 7th, 2010at 12:36 am

I thought I had one of those old turbans in my closet. You know the kind fortune tellers wear on their heads? It was from a costume, used ironically enough, in a video my husband and I produced for a local real estate firm. Turns out I don't have the headgear anymore.

But the bigger question [...]