Cognitive targeting: Showing you things you weren’t aware you already knew

Posted by Rich Cherecwich on November 3rd, 2010at 9:12 pm

The problem with miscommunication in the world isn't differing points of view -- it's differing points of thinking. That's according to John Furey, the founder and CEO of MindTime, a social science company that builds a framework for predicting individual differences in people based on the three fundamental drivers of human cognition.
Sounds pretty heavy, right? [...]

Are You Good Enough to Make the Top Five?

Posted by Angel Evan on October 11th, 2010at 7:52 pm

One day last week, while researching a particular target market for a client, I noticed an interesting trend in SMS marketing. I was looking to understand how many marketing related text messages the target received per month and if there were any distinct groups within the overall segment. I looked at a 8 month trend, [...]

Digital demographics at ad:tech: From strategy to execution

Posted by Lori Luechtefeld on April 14th, 2010at 12:18 am

This year's ad:tech San Francisco will be putting the spotlight on digital demographics in a big way.

Being vs. Buying Online

Posted by Seth Berman on April 2nd, 2010at 4:38 pm

Selling to seniors online is quite different than selling to baby boomers. While the oldest baby boomers were 54 years old when Google launched paid search advertising in 2000, the typical senior was already 64.