Increase search marketing ROI with campaign landing pages

Posted by Susan Delz on November 5th, 2010at 7:05 pm

One of the hot topics covered in the "Search Marketing -- Search Advertisings' Latest and Greatest" session was how to make the most of campaign specific landing pages. For those who weren't there or aren't sure, a campaign specific landing page is one that is created with the express purposed of being matched to a single online ad.

Google Doesn’t Sleep and other SEO wisdoms

Posted by Ana Yoerg on April 20th, 2010at 11:35 pm

Search in the Connected and Real-Time World (a Marketing Masters session)
A two-hour session on the grand topic of SEO: brilliant push, or bad idea jeans? We'll leave that for the evaluations. Panelists included Bruce Clay, David Snyder (of Verizon fame), Kevin Ryan from Motivity, Dona Ross from Performics, Jessie Stricchiola from Alchemist, and Greg Sterling.
The [...]

Keeping search trends in check

Posted by Kevin Ryan on March 5th, 2010at 10:28 pm

The connected world of search and find is changing pretty fast. Search algorithms have been shifting and shaking since the early days of indexing websites.

Multi-Click Attribution: Tracking the Way Conversions Actually Happen

Posted by staff on April 28th, 2009at 6:00 pm
Written by Daniel Riveong

Interactive marketing has long sold itself on the promise of accountability and ROI measurement. Yet, at the same time there continues to be challenges in solving John Wanamaker’s problem: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”