Guy Kawasaki defines the biggest challenge facing startups.

Posted by Greg Bardsley on April 13th, 2011at 8:19 am

Author and founding partner of Garage Technology Ventures, Guy Kawasaki, explains what he believes is the biggest obstacle standing in the path of startups in today's marketing environment.

The New Digital American Family

Posted by Drew Hubbard on April 12th, 2011at 10:17 am

Doug Anderson
Senior VP Research & Thought Leadership
The Nielsen Company
Radha Subramanyam
Senior VP Media Analytics
The Nielsen Company

Learn the key demographic trends that will impact the household configurations of the American family between 2011 and 2020
Understand how the digital age is affecting a family’s media usage today, including cross-media usage, cord cutting and mobile usage patterns
Explore the purchasing [...]

Jeff Hayzlett on how to get your business breathing

Posted by Rich Cherecwich on November 4th, 2010at 10:44 pm

Former Kodak CMO Jeff Hayzlett delivered a boisterous and blustery closing keynote at ad:tech New York on Thursday afternoon that was equal parts George Carlin, Lewis Black, and South Dakotan cowboy.
Here are some of the key points from Hayzlett's presentation, "The Mirror Test – Is your business really breathing?"
“Elevator pitches” are too long. “The average [...]

Uncovering the secrets of media allocation

Posted by Rich Cherecwich on November 4th, 2010at 8:41 pm

Media planning and buying has not evolved to keep up with consumer behavior. That should come as no surprise to online marketing pros who have been clamoring to get more money from traditional media for years.
“Time spent with media is flat to down, but time spent on the internet is up,” said Radha Subramanyam, the [...]

Chasing Paid Engagement

Posted by Tom Hespos on November 3rd, 2010at 7:49 pm

By now, many interactive marketers are familiar with the notion that engagement is something that needs to be defined on a custom basis.  Conversations have shifted from trying to define engagement in some sort of industry-standard way to talking about how smart companies approach defining engagement themselves.  A morning panel emceed by Mike Darviche of [...]

DSPs 101

Posted by Julia Casale on October 28th, 2010at 5:51 pm

DSPs are sweeping the digital agency landscape. Here’s a rundown on what they are, in layman’s terms, and what’s driving their widespread popularity.
What is a DSP?
A DSP (demand-side-platform) is a service that makes it possible to buy media at the impression level across multiple sources in an automated fashion using a single standard for targeting, [...]

Building the Better Digital Media Plan

Posted by Drew Hubbard on April 20th, 2010at 11:59 pm

Digital media is not a smaller part of a larger whole. It is its own, legitimate business and should be treated that way. Media planners should stop thinking about digital media as purely numbers. It is a creative niche. More media needs to be created on a per-brand, per-campaign basis. Digital marketers need to stop thinking about media planning in terms of only buying media.

The big new trends in media are old.

Posted by Sean X Cummings on April 20th, 2010at 12:22 am

In the Agency Session: Keeping Agencies Relevant in a Changing Media and Advertising Landscape, the big trends, obstacles and opportunities facing advertising agencies in 2010 and beyond were discussed, and it turns out that many of the new issues have some of the old problems. The first of which is how do you retain people [...]

The Value In Sharing War Stories With Other Brand Marketers

Posted by Kip Edwardson on March 24th, 2010at 10:02 pm

I just got off the phone with Neil Perry, who is going to be moderating the Monday sessions for the brand tracks this year at ad:tech San Francisco, and he was asking if I would be willing to participate and help out.

What’s Next in Advertising – (More) Widgets, Apps, Viral Video? or Something Completely Different?

Posted by staff on November 6th, 2009at 6:00 pm
Written by ana

Highlights from The Next Frontier in Advertising — Widgets, Apps, and Viral Video:

From Ro Choy of RockYou…
Build Fan pages — it’s by far the most cost efficient way to amplify your reach across Facebook’s user base. Also consider CPC ads on Facebook: there’s no better place than social media for performance marketing. At one point, Facebook might even be Google’s biggest competitor.