The Kawasaki-Scoble Bullet Train

Posted by Sean X Cummings on April 3rd, 2012at 2:11 pm

The Kawasaki-Scoble bullet train hit AdTech in full force keynoting AdTech SF 2012. Like bulls in a china shop they illuminated ways to facilitate connections that mean something, and connections that make a lasting impression. For what is advertising but that? And it is nice to witness; a shift from tonnage of connections to the [...]

This is the Year of… “Everything”

Posted by Sean X Cummings on April 3rd, 2012at 12:47 pm

From the activity on the floor, to the bravado of its attendees, the marketing industry, and more specifically the digital marketing business is thriving. The floor is packed with new exhibitors, new faces, and new energy.
Of course the big boys are here... Bing and Yahoo (Right Media,) ComScore, and Amazon (Web Services,) but a surprise [...]

The New York Times is going to charge me what? for what? Why would I do that? I have Twitter.

Posted by Sean X Cummings on April 12th, 2011at 3:32 pm

I'll get to the title in a bit, but first, if Google were a country, which country would it be? and so began the session hosted by Doug Weaver; The New Power Brokers: Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter & Beyond.
The answer to the that question was given by Scott Symonds from AKQA."India, for its great enablement [...]

The power of the social connection on recommendations and purchase is essential. And Visa realizes that even digital goods are purchased with real money.

Posted by Sean X Cummings on April 12th, 2011at 10:22 am

"Never has there been a more transformation change than now. Never a better time to be a marketer. We now have the opportunity to change the world." So Antonio Lucio, CMO of Visa informed us at the morning keynote. Why is he so optimistic? What does he know that others don't? Well, he pulled back [...]

Everything that can be digitized, will be digitized.

Posted by Sean X Cummings on April 12th, 2011at 9:12 am

As Brad Berens, the arbiter of AdTech informed us, "Everything analog is going digital. Anything that can be digitized will be digitized." And for the first time I actually see that as a reality. Enjoy that you are in this industry at the right time, and realize, that you are definitely in the right place.

A funny close to AdTech 2010

Posted by Sean X Cummings on April 22nd, 2010at 2:55 am

Closing out Ad:Tech 2010 was a keynote that assembled some of the funniest people that have leveraged video online. Unfortunately, as they indicated, the sneezing Panda could not make an appearance, nor did "Charlie bit my finger!" who blamed not making it on some volcanic ass... oops, "ash." It was an onslaught of some of the [...]

The big new trends in media are old.

Posted by Sean X Cummings on April 20th, 2010at 12:22 am

In the Agency Session: Keeping Agencies Relevant in a Changing Media and Advertising Landscape, the big trends, obstacles and opportunities facing advertising agencies in 2010 and beyond were discussed, and it turns out that many of the new issues have some of the old problems. The first of which is how do you retain people [...]