Marissa’s Choice

Posted by Adam Kleinberg on July 17th, 2012at 5:25 am

The Twitterverse was abuzz yesterday with #marissamania and with good reason. Marissa Mayer is one of the most exciting personalities in tech who rose through the Google meritocracy not because she was a founder, but because she deserved it.
Marissa has the X Factor, and that's just what Yahoo! needs.

For the Yahoo! board to choose a [...]

Inspired to hack

Posted by Adam Kleinberg on April 12th, 2011at 10:48 am

Yesterday, ad:tech held it's first ever "inspiration" day as part of the speakers featuring a diverse bunch of really interesting speakers. I judge "inspiration" as something that will inspire me to actually think or do or approach something differently.
Renny Gleeson's talk on "Brand Hacking" fit the bill.
Renny, who is a strategy guy at W+K, defined [...]

What I’m excited to see at ad:tech SF

Posted by Adam Kleinberg on April 4th, 2011at 10:13 pm

I'm looking forward to all the excitement surrounding ad:tech next week. With the economy in official "kind of improving" status, it's going to be an bevy of optimism. Here are a few things I'm looking forward to seeing.

How Twitter lost its soul (and how to get it back)

Posted by Adam Kleinberg on March 31st, 2011at 4:00 pm

About four years ago, I saw @ev speak at a Commonwealth Club event in San Francisco (that's co-founder Evan Williams to the untwitterized out there). Evan was astoundingly candid about the technical problems and downtime that led made the Fail Whale part of our cultural lexicon.

"It's amazing we've been so successful," he shared.