Start-Up Watch COD: flavorpill creates a locally centered influencer community focused on culture

Posted by Jim Nichols on July 29th, 2011at 12:01 am

As the focus of marketing continues to shift from mass focused to influencer driven, it’s natural that we are seeing more and more communities expressly created for the purpose of attracting and connecting with influencers.

One of the most interesting such communities is flavorpill, a city-centered local activities resource with emphasis on more erudite people and [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: Outbrain drives strong results for brands and pubs with powerful recommendation widgets

Posted by Jim Nichols on July 28th, 2011at 12:01 am

Brands: If I told you there was a performance-based solution to drive HIGHLY qualified traffic to your rich brand content, would you be intrigued?
Pubs: If I told you that there was a way to take currently useless real estate, way way way below the fold, and drive big revenue from it, would you want to [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: SundaySky enables websites to create dynamic personalized videos on the fly

Posted by Jim Nichols on July 27th, 2011at 12:01 am

Video is among the fastest growing media sectors in digital, and for good reason. Sight, sound, and motion all rolled into one.  
The downsides of video, of course, have always been the amount of time and money it costs to produce a high quality execution. While the development process has been greatly democratized over the past several [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: Rapportive helps you learn everything about contacts, right in GMAIL

Posted by Jim Nichols on July 26th, 2011at 12:01 am

I’ve spoken a couple of times on this blog about how having rich information about business contacts can make a big difference for your business. We thrive on personal relationships, and Rapportive gives you the essential informational grist about your contacts right in Gmail.

Rapportive is a free add-on for Gmail that works in Chrome, Firefox, and [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: RadiumOne delivers precise targeting and scale by comprehensively analyzing social sharing

Posted by Jim Nichols on July 25th, 2011at 12:01 am

Chances are, people connected to you are pretty aware of what interests you. Chances are people connected to you know what you are thinking about buying. Naturally there are more than a few reasons for this – not least that we share our interests through our daily usage of social media. I am looking for [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: NearBuy Systems Gets Its First Round

Posted by Jim Nichols on July 22nd, 2011at 12:01 am

Ordinarily I don’t write about companies twice or money ever, but I like NearBuy Systems so much I hope you will indulge me for 400 words.

NearBuy Systems offers in-store hyperlocation services that can pinpoint the precise location of a customer in a store. That enables both “turn by turn” directions to a specific item on [...]

Startup Watch COD: Stickybits rewards consumers who scan items and read/write reviews

Posted by Jim Nichols on July 21st, 2011at 12:01 am

There are a host of new cell phone application designed to provide information and deals on products sold in brick and mortar stores. For marketers, it stands to reason that connecting with consumers at the point of purchase makes a great deal of sense. While I have my own misgivings about the number and size [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: SimplyCast is the PaaS Solution for Multi-Channel Marketing

Posted by Jim Nichols on July 20th, 2011at 12:01 am

Now here’s something you don’t see every day. A start-up based in Nova Scotia that has attracted attention and customers from around the world.

That company is SimplyCast, and what they offer is a Platform-as-a-Service solution for multichannel marketing management. So what is that in English? It’s a single system for managing, monitoring, and analyzing consumer [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: CPG Product Discovery Comes of Age With Consmr

Posted by Jim Nichols on July 19th, 2011at 12:01 am

These days, when I want to try a new restaurant in the Bay Area, I head over to Yelp to see what others have said about it. When I want to find new books to read, I visit LibraryThing. These platforms are really rather powerful ways to get some perspective on a new business or [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: ThinkNear Helps Brick and Mortars Drive Business During Slow Sales Periods

Posted by Jim Nichols on July 18th, 2011at 12:01 am

One of the biggest challenges facing a local brick and mortar business is managing staffing levels for the amount of customer flow you are probably going to get during different time periods.

For example, given that employees don’t want one or two hour shifts but that many businesses have heavy sales periods during the day that [...]