Your input needed on Startup Spotlight, ad:tech NY

Posted by Daisy Whitney on April 21st, 2011 at 10:25 am

At the recently completed ad:tech San Francisco conference, we debuted a new programming series called Startup Spotlight.

We invited sixteen companies in four categories to present, and an esteemed panel of judges voted on which company in each category offered the most promising service, product or technology to brands and marketers. The winners were Yinzcam for mobile, Rich Relevance for shopper marketing, Tynt for data and Klout for social media.

We’re in the early planning stages for ad:tech NY (November 8-11) and we’ve been debating whether to run a Startup Spotlight series in New York as well. While we don’t specify that the startups we showcase be from the same place as the show, it certainly helps to feature largely local companies. While our mobile winner at ad:tech San Francisco, YinzCam, hails from Pittsburgh, the vast majority of the startups featured run their businesses from the Bay Area. San Francisco is known, of course, for its startup culture.

The question we want to know for our ad:tech NY is: are there enough newer digital media startups in the New York and surrounding Tri-State area to draw from? Will we be able to cull through more than 100 nominations (as we did in San Francisco) to arrive at our featured 16?

Is the well deep enough when it comes to advertising-centric startups in New York across data, mobile, social media and shopper marketing?

Throw out some names! Give us some feedback! Please either leave comments below on your thoughts or email me directly at

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