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Posted by Brad Berens on April 7th, 2011 at 12:39 pm

We have 2 great opportunities for conference attendees to be a bigger part of our sessions.

Get Presentation Tips from the Best in the Business: Sign up today!

Even experienced speakers can learn something new, and if you're nervous standing in front of your colleagues or strangers then you need strategies to help you knock the presentation out of the park without having your knees knock together. At this year's ad:tech San Francisco we're proud to present two of the world's foremost authorities on presentations – Nancy Duarte and Guy Kawasaki – as they help YOU make the most out of your presentation.

Want to have them go over your deck and give you pointers in their Wednesday morning session? Just fill out our form, upload your deck and you'll be in the running for a real-time lesson on powerful, engaging presentations!

Be there Wednesday, April 13, at 10:30am for "Great Presentations: Learn How to Engage Your Audience."

Nancy Duarte, CEO, Duarte Design
Guy Kawasaki, Co-Founder, Alltop, and Founding Partner, Garage Technology Ventures

Free Consultation! Is Your Site Talking to the Right People?

Your business website is one-size fits all…. and that's a bad thing! Different sorts of internet users approach sites differently: the colors that work for a stay-at-home mom aren't the same as those that work for a 30 year old male sports fan. If you don't know how your target customer uses the web, then this is a must-attend session. Join Joseph Carrabis -- acclaimed neuroscientist, researcher, founder of the NextStage companies and author of the book "Reading Virtual Minds" – in a fast-paced session where we tour your URLs and figure out where they're working and where they're failing to connect with customers.

To get actionable, real-time advice on your company site, simply fill out our form: we'll select several sites to review live in session.

Be there Tuesday, April 12, at 10:30am for "Reading Customers' Minds: Neuromarketing without the Wires."

Joseph Carrabis, NeuroMarketer-in-Residence, Critical Mass

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  1. karen leung says:

    Geat information!


  2. Niall says:

    If anyone is planning to enter new international markets and require localization/ translation services we would be happy to make available a free consultation and sample project.