Start-Up Watch COD: Emdigo’s Get-It simplifies and streamlines mobile app distribution efforts

Posted by Jim Nichols on April 29th, 2011at 12:01 am

Once a brand or publisher has an app, the real battle begins: getting it in enough hands to deliver the impact it was intended to provide. But with hundreds of thousands of apps available, it can be hard to capture consumer attention. Brand use a variety of marketing channels to promote apps. But that breeds [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: Analog Analytics “democratizes” daily deals with a white label solution for media companies

Posted by Jim Nichols on April 28th, 2011at 12:01 am

Billions of words have been written about the financial troubles of traditional media companies. While most of these entities have established websites with growing traffic, the declines on the traditional revenue side are very hard to make up with digital. How many billion banners do you need to sell to make up for the full [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: Wantlet helps consumers get recos and second opinions on what they want

Posted by Jim Nichols on April 27th, 2011at 12:01 am

The importance of personal recommendations in motivating purchase is well documented. Harris Interactive conducted a survey in June 2010 that showed that for 71% of consumers, recommendations from friends and family exert a “great deal” of influence on their purchases and opinions. Further, in February of last year, eMarketer reported that a personal recommendation exerts [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: Monetate simplifies the process of testing “anything, anywhere” on your website

Posted by Jim Nichols on April 26th, 2011at 12:01 am

If you are responsible for the website of your brand, chances are you have seen small content and design changes make big differences in metrics and site performance.
Especially if your site is an online store.
The most sophisticated e-stores are constantly testing and optimizing content. What’s most interesting about THAT, of course, is that often the [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: Crowdtap makes influential people available to brands on demand

Posted by Jim Nichols on April 25th, 2011at 12:01 am

We all understand the value of consumer feedback for marketing ideas. By involving consumers at various stages of products and marketing program development, we can drive better results and a more efficient use of resources.
Of course, market research has been around for decades, and has helped brands get in better touch with how to meet [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: Proximic improves results through the power of granular contextual and audience data

Posted by Jim Nichols on April 22nd, 2011at 12:01 am

If site and audience data are key tools in the effort to get better results from online ads, it stands to reason that more precise data may make a real difference in results.

That’s what Proximic describes as its value proposition. Proximic provides more granular contextual and audience data to DSPs, networks, pubs and SSPs. The [...]

Your input needed on Startup Spotlight, ad:tech NY

Posted by Daisy Whitney on April 21st, 2011at 10:25 am

At the recently completed ad:tech San Francisco conference, we debuted a new programming series called Startup Spotlight.
We invited sixteen companies in four categories to present, and an esteemed panel of judges voted on which company in each category offered the most promising service, product or technology to brands and marketers. The winners were Yinzcam for [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: Perfect Market helps pubs monetize their content vaults

Posted by Jim Nichols on April 21st, 2011at 12:01 am

How long does a piece of content remain engaging to consumers? It depends, of course. How long is it valuable to a pub? Well, under ordinary circumstances, only as long as a news story is in the fiery eye of the storm of nearly universal consumer interest. By which I mean great content that would [...]

Start-Up Watch COD: Clovr Media connects the digital promos shoppers see with their credit and debit cards

Posted by Jim Nichols on April 20th, 2011at 12:01 am

Over the past couple of years, a number of companies have been working on a way to definitively tie online advertising to offline sales. Nielsen and IRI are partnered with a variety of ad networks to use their scanner panels as a way of demonstrating estimated volume impact of banner ads. Solutions like GSN deliver [...]