Start-Up Watch COD: SpredFast and multichannel social media execution

Posted by Jim Nichols on March 23rd, 2011 at 12:01 am

How deep is your commitment to social media? For some companies, it runs far deeper than a page on Facebook. Which, I will add, is not to disparage Facebook centric programs and the great tools like Vitrue, Buddy Media, and Involver, et al. But rather to say that some brands have taken an extremely broad approach to social – multiple platforms, multiple pages, multiple speakers, multiple initiative types, and all the rest.

SpredFast fills a critical need for companies who are committed to breadth and depth in social media coverage. Rather than placing their emphasis on the “front end” with engagement tools and the like, Spredfast instead automates many of the back end processes that, when executed with aplomb, can help magnify the reach and strength of a message. Since “multiple” appears to be the crux of their story, I am going to “go with it” and describe their features in that context.

  • Multiple voices: Spredfast allows an organization to manage multiple “voices” or channels of communications from a single dashboard. So for example, the CEO, President, Head of Sales, etc. All these voices can deliver communications in their own words, but with the effort coordinated from a command center for seamless coordination.
  • Multiple initiatives: Efforts can be organized like “jobs”, making it easier for the social media team to keep track of planned AND executed communications, for greater coordination. Imagine you’re Apple. Such a platform could organize social efforts by product (iPod, iPad, iTunes, Mac, etc.) so that all of the brand’s communications related to a single product can be isolated and analyzed easily.
  • Multiple presences: You can manage an unlimited number of pages and presences from one dashboard, from multiple FB pages to Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Hyves, SlideShare, Wordpress, Blogger, Moveable Type, Drupal, Lotus, and TubeMogul.
  • Multiple roles: You can set up a network of connections, consults, and approvals encompassing people throughout your organization. For example, if your social media person ghosted a post from someone else, the post could first be routed to that person for edits, then legal, then product, and finally to the head of marketing before it went out.
  • Multiple timings: All posts from all persons can be coordinated for maximum impact by timing them across pages, Twitter accounts, and the like.
  • Multiple to-dos: The platform uses the connections network described above to empower a proactive emailing program that sends emails to the responsible person to ensure they do what is necessary to make the program run properly.
  • Multiple accountabilities and reports: The platform allows a dizzying array of analyses on whom and what is driving the greatest positive impact in the market.

The whole thing is organized around “initiatives” which are essentially collections of activity designed to achieve a defined goal. Here’s a longish video that gives you a really deep “tutorial” view of how it works:

YouTube Preview Image

Spredfast also offers social listening tools that can bring discussions to you, flagged by important positive or negative keywords, and the like. Their analytics platform takes these as well as the more directly driven social activity for your initiatives and makes it easier to measure, understand, and optimize.

There are a ton of things I haven’t mentioned here, but you get the idea. Again, a program like this could be used alone, or in concert with one of the front end Facebook managers. It’s the sort of platform that can save a lot of time and money for a company, and create tremendous accountability for a breadth of social media efforts.

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