Increase search marketing ROI with campaign landing pages

Posted by Susan Delz on November 5th, 2010 at 7:05 pm

One of the hot topics covered in the “Search Marketing – Search Advertisings’ Latest and Greatest” session was how to make the most of campaign specific landing pages. For those who weren’t there or aren’t sure, a campaign specific landing page is one that is created with the express purposed of being matched to a single online ad.

Here are 3 benefits of campaign specific landing pages that are directly tied to your online marketing ROI:

Increased conversions

Creating a tightly matched ad to landing page experience will increase your conversion rates because of the high-level of relevancy you will provide visitors. From the search query to the ad to the landing page, the visitor will know he or she is on the right track. And once the visitor is on the right track towards conversion, as a marketer you’re on the right track to increase leads and sales.

Improved Google Quality Score

Your Google Quality Score is largely dependent on message match or a clear tie between your ad and landing page.

You definitely want a high Google Quality Score because it improves your ad position on the Content Network and increases the chance for your ad to win a position on your targeted placements.

The easiest way to increase your Google Quality Score is with relevant, campaign specific pages.

Decreased media spend

The better your Google Quality Score, the less you will pay-per-click. Google rewards advertisers who create excellent post-click experiences for their viewers. That means you will get more conversions for less money simply by doing what you should be doing anyway.

These three benefits of campaign specific landing pages all work together to reap you a better online marketing ROI.

To achieve an even higher ROI, do some landing page testing and put your pages through a continuous cycle of optimization!

2 Responses to “Increase search marketing ROI with campaign landing pages”

  1. Susan, your article is indeed helpful in understanding the importance of landing pages and increasing Google quality score.

    how many landing pages can be optimized at a time?

  2. Rajesh,

    Every page on your website should be optimized. Search engine rankings compile individual pages, not overall websites. Creating each web page as its own point of entry is crucial to long term SEO success. The purpose of the website should be evident on every page and a call to action should be in place no matter where a visitor lands.