Recapping Ad Innovation

Posted by Alex Matjanec on November 4th, 2010 at 2:36 am

Today, I had the pleasure of introducing five companies that look to expand the opportunities of brand engagement and targeting. Showing what ad:tech is all about, these companies are reshaping the definition by both adapting and  innovation.

Table Top Media

Based out of Texas, TableTop Media is looking to bring the touch screen experience to restaurants.  Possibly the first device on the market to be the cause extinction for waiter and waitress, their unique device is a durable, simple to use touch screen payment system.  Designed with the guest in mind, TableTop Media is a wireless device that offers menus, specials, events as well as nutritional info and loyalty programs.

While the platform is utilized by local merchants, it is the national brands that you will see advertising.  Where local advertisers can take advantage of this technology is through the custom real-time surveys that offer highly valuable market research.

Radium One

From the creator of BlueLithum, Radium One takes cookie targeting technology to a new level.  Where BlueLithum, focused on retargeting and content relevancy, Radium One looks a specific social graph and develops an audience based on social habits.  The new audience is developed from the 200 top Comscore properties and once ready, begins to receive targeted online display banners.

They also have a widely successful online gaming ad network that allows brands to offer credits on games like Farmville for actions taken.

So, for all you media planners and brand managers looking to crack the social audience in a more efficient way, Radium One is as least worth testing on your next buy.

Message Systems

As much as we as marketers may see email marketing as an after thought, for the mega brands (Nike), publishers (Facebook) or network (Yahoo Fantasy Football) email is the link that keeps us coming back.  These brands send out millions, if not billions of alerts a day.  When this platform gets to be to large for the MailChimp and Constant Contacts of the world, Message Systems is there to keep you in order.

For me the key take away is treat email delivery as is if was your hosting provider (rackspace).  When your company is pushing big numbers, making sure your site or application never fails (...unless your Twitter) becomes that much more important.  Well email is the same and Message Systems is that platform that guarantees results.


The only mobile app during the show, i.TV, pronounced eye-dot-TV, is the largest TV Guide application on the iPhone.  As a PepsiCo 10 winner, i.TV is designed to bridge the gap between mobile and TV.  As the third screen continues to become a major player, being close to the first (TV) only makes growth even more promising.  i.TV even gave us a hint of the future, which included a much stronger social aspect.

Advertisers can currently buy interstitial and standard mobile banner placements, but as a young company, ad agencies should take advantage of this opportunity to push the limits.


Our last presenter of the day, was a MIT student, who loves photography.  After realizes that by 2013 the average Facebook user will have access to over 1 million photos of them and their friends, the need to be able to create new experiences with these images was a gap worth filling.

Right from the start, Pixable had a great idea of helping users create real photo albums using their images on social networks, but as the need to share online grew, so did their business model.  As of this week, Pixable will now allow users to create video and mosaic collages of images in their social graph.

For advertisers the pure play is a branding experience, much like YouTube.  Take something that is free and pay to have them help you share and spread the word.

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  1. John Regal says:


    Thanks for the coverage and positive comments about the Ziosk®

    We’ve heard from thousands of Guests that they love they Ziosk because it enhances their dining experience. Guests really enjoy the ability to view menu items, play games, order movie tickets and pay their check right at the table. In short, it is improving guest satisfaction which also results in higher tips for the servers.

    While the Ziosk makes some of the tasks servers perform easier, it is not a replacement for servers.

    Servers are an integral part of the dining experience. No machine can replace their personalized service, knowledge of the menu, and charm.

    Thank you again for the coverage.

    John Regal, CMO
    TableTop Media