Apps are Great. But Browsers are better.

Posted by Angel Evan on November 1st, 2010 at 9:45 pm

We all love our apps, and with the proliferation of connected devices, we'll likely see an increase in app usage over the next 12 months. That being said, in our experience we have rarely seen app usage edge out browser usage. Sometimes these numbers are very close, as within 24-35 year old demographic, but mobile browser usage is always dominant. eMarketer recently released data detailing a poll by Keynote Systems for Adobe that shows overwhelming consumer preference for mobile browsers to access virtually all mobile content. Games, music and social media were the only categories in which users would rather use a downloaded app than browse the mobile Web. The retail category in particular shows an overwhelming preference for mobile web access across nearly all mobile shopping tasks, which is not surprising given its inherent link to search.

One Response to “Apps are Great. But Browsers are better.”

  1. Jackie Smith says:

    Yes you are right, browsers are better than Apps but I still use Apps.