Keynote Presentation: The Mirror Test — Is Your Business Really Breathing?

Posted by Richard Cacciato on November 5th, 2010at 9:22 pm

The "Mirror Test" is what you're taught as a Cub Scout: you check to see if someone is alive by holding a mirror up to his mouth. If it fogs up, the person is alive. When Jeff Hayzlett joined Kodak April 2006 as Chief Marketing Officer it was time to administer the Mirror Test. What he saw wasn’t pretty, and Jeff acted quickly to fix the situation.

Increase search marketing ROI with campaign landing pages

Posted by Susan Delz on November 5th, 2010at 7:05 pm

One of the hot topics covered in the "Search Marketing -- Search Advertisings' Latest and Greatest" session was how to make the most of campaign specific landing pages. For those who weren't there or aren't sure, a campaign specific landing page is one that is created with the express purposed of being matched to a single online ad.

Mediamind Awards Rich Media

Posted by Steve Hall on November 5th, 2010at 5:22 pm

Last night in New York city at The Providence, Mediamind held its ninth annual Rich Media Awards. Formerly known as the Eyeblaster Awards, the event honors the best rich media campaigns of the year.

Closing out ad:tech, held the Wednesday and Thursday, the party capped a near week-long extravaganza of learning, networking and partying. Taking home the North American Judges Award this year was the work Future US did for the GamesRadar Rabbids Go Home video game which sent the entire website down the toilet.

The International Judges Award went to Digitas and OMD for their work on Nissan's Qashgai 3D page takeover. The North American People's Choice Award went to ThinkJam UK and Moxie Interactive for the work it did on the Avatar DVD release. And Feref UK and MediacomUK nabbed the International People's Choice Award for their Despicable Me YouTube takeover unit.

Awards aside, it's good to know the ad industry still knows how to party. There was non-stop dancing all night long. More so than at any party during ad:tech this week. Must be something about playing with rich media all day long that does it.

Check out all the pictures from the event here.

Jeff Hayzlett on how to get your business breathing

Posted by Rich Cherecwich on November 4th, 2010at 10:44 pm

Former Kodak CMO Jeff Hayzlett delivered a boisterous and blustery closing keynote at ad:tech New York on Thursday afternoon that was equal parts George Carlin, Lewis Black, and South Dakotan cowboy.
Here are some of the key points from Hayzlett's presentation, "The Mirror Test – Is your business really breathing?"
“Elevator pitches” are too long. “The average [...]

Coolest things / favorite moments from ad:tech

Posted by Greg Bardsley on November 4th, 2010at 10:30 pm

The conference is over and now it's time to look back at our favorite moments from the event. We asked a handful of brands on the expo floor what their favorite moment was during ad:tech NY and this is what they had to say.

Ad Innovation Without Sacrificing the Message

Posted by Drew Hubbard on November 4th, 2010at 10:11 pm

This was a two-part session that discussed how to keep from making common mistakes as new platforms emerge. The goal of marketing has not changed, so don't confuse new technology with new marketing. There are, of course, new opportunities with devices like mobile phones and the iPad, but remember that advertising is about the message [...]

Measuring social: Is it all just a folly?

Posted by Jodi Harris on November 4th, 2010at 9:46 pm

In any campaign, marketers look to encourage influencers, spread messages, and build brand loyalty and equity. But though these are valuable branding goals that are highly achievable -- and trackable -- in digital media, they don't necessarily translate in the social realm.
Because of our ability to track and maintain data, digital marketers are better able [...]

Getting on the iPad: 3 unique successes

Posted by Lori Luechtefeld on November 4th, 2010at 9:44 pm

The iPad represents a sophisticated new platform -- one that lets brands deliver a premium advertising experience. But some brands have been slow to embrace it, as it represents an often-significant resource investment. During this afternoon's "Getting on Tablets" showcase at ad:tech, we heard three great iPad case studies that just might convince other brands [...]

Reaching Hispanic Customers – Part II

Posted by Tom Hespos on November 4th, 2010at 9:14 pm

If the first panel in the Hispanic Digital Marketing track was all about exposing the opportunity at a high level, the second was about ways to tactically reach Hispanics online.
Marla Skiko, SMG Multicultural's SVP and Director of Digital Innovation, moderated a panel of experts who floated some interesting ideas for targeting and segmenting Hispanics online [...]

Reaching Hispanic Consumers – Part I

Posted by Tom Hespos on November 4th, 2010at 8:41 pm

Across the entire media landscape, there's a huge opportunity in multicultural marketing.  Even in the well-established worlds of print, radio and television, Hispanic agencies and content publishers are pointing to a huge gap that exists because many marketers make huge investments in general market media without fully considering what Hispanic marketing can bring to the [...]