The 2011 Social Super Bowl: Three marketing contenders.

Posted by Amy Lanigan on October 12th, 2010 at 10:22 pm

Subservient chicken. Elf yourself. Burberry Art of the Trench. Old Spice.

In the Super Bowl of social marketing these campaigns are shiny trophies on the virtual shelf. They are what clients cheer for, what they want - for their own.

But these are not the answer for everyone. Me-too is not enough. And the rules of the game are shifting as we all stand on the field. Fun.

Social marketing game changers for 2011? My bets are on these areas:

1. The reveal of the real deal on "likes:" We are liking bacon, brands and pairs of jeans. We are liking on Facebook and off of Facebook. Liking is bound to be the new Xerox or Kleenex - the name for an action independent of Facebook.

In 2011 we start to get smart about what liking really reveals. We cater content according to it, we track competitors and we create experiences based on products people have liked. The personalization we've been talking about since 1996 gets closer to fruition. The implications for search are exciting.

2. eCommerce take backs: 2010 was the year ecommerce innovations and models were driven by upstarts. Groupon, Gilt, RueLaLa. In 2011 we start to see retailers take back this ecommerce innovation. eBay is doing it via their strong play in fashion, Ralph Lauren has The Vault. Exciting things are in store (sometimes literally).

3. The end of the quest for 1M fans: The quest for 1M fans will cease to exist. Celebrate now. Brands will shift their metrics to reflect a greater level of engagement. I'm convinced there's a reason why Facebook doesn't report repeat visitors to brand pages - and it's not a positive one. Quality will be queen. And fans will gain a value that models what we've had in email CRM for years.

I'm counting on ad:tech NY to liven and further the debate. It's very nice to meet you all.

Take care out there,

PS. I secretly hope 2011 brings us more inanimate objects with voices via Twitter. If Gap had a social strategy behind their new (now old) logo I think it's brilliant. @GapLogo on Twitter would agree. Think it was planned?

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  1. SBC says:

    GoDaddy will feature the .co girl in their super bowl commercial this year!