ad:tech Attendees to Get Busy Wednesday Night

Posted by Steve Hall on October 31st, 2010at 5:54 pm

The party invites continue to roll in. What can we say. We are an industry that loves to party. Oh, wait. That would be network. This is business after all. Anyway. In addition to previously mentioned parties, we have four more to tell you about.

One Wednesday night, November 3, which is becoming a very busy night, Direct Agents, at 7PM, will host its After Dark Party at Hudson Terrace's Salon. This is the same location (but a different room) as the Epic party which begins at 9PM. Two parties at one address? How efficient.

Also on Wednesday night, November 3, Clickbooth will host its Affiliate Apocalypse Party beginning at 9PM. The location is yet to be announce to stay tuned here or be sure to check the ad:tech party calendar for the latest updates.

Twitter followers vs. Facebook fans

Posted by Amy Lanigan on October 29th, 2010at 4:56 pm

In a head-to-head match between Twitter followers and Facebook fans, Forrester puts their money on Twitter followers. What's at stake? The winner is deemed to hold the most value for brands.
The score according to the study? Twitter followers are more likely to recommend the brands they follow to friends (33% vs. 21%) and to buy [...]

Forget the plumbing…Come hear the poetry

Posted by Alan Schulman on October 28th, 2010at 10:26 pm

Creatives check it out: the Nov. 4th Ad Innovations Master Track is gonna come hard with very cool case across emerging categories next week.
Michal Shapira leads Conde Nast Digital's Creative Services Group and is currently evolving the very newest ad formats for the digital publishing world including enhancing traditional print ads in CN Publications like [...]

DSPs 101

Posted by Julia Casale on October 28th, 2010at 5:51 pm

DSPs are sweeping the digital agency landscape. Here’s a rundown on what they are, in layman’s terms, and what’s driving their widespread popularity.
What is a DSP?
A DSP (demand-side-platform) is a service that makes it possible to buy media at the impression level across multiple sources in an automated fashion using a single standard for targeting, [...]

Yes, Facebook Can Work in B2B

Posted by Tracy Tuten on October 27th, 2010at 8:58 pm

What would you do if demand for your product category was in decline (and had been since the real estate and banking crises began)? What if your product cost about twice that of the leading competitor? What if your marketing budget also allowed for a share of voice far less than that of the competition? [...]

Join us for the Marketing Master series!

Posted by Daniel Rubin on October 26th, 2010at 9:37 pm

Myself and the rest of the Digital Dialogue speakers are really looking forward to our  upcoming AdTech "Marketing Master" series, I'll be hosting a couple of really good sessions on Digital Dialogue on November 4th starting at 10:30 a.m. We are aiming to combine the theory with the practical so the audience can leave with [...]

Checking-in To An Advertisement

Posted by Alex Matjanec on October 26th, 2010at 8:36 pm

No matter which mobile social network you use, the 'check-in' is still the main action of communication among communities and brands.  This format is perfect for small and large businesses that want to provide valuable deals to users who check into their stores. For non-retail brands, it has presented an issue.

Change and the Power of Standards

Posted by David Restrepo on October 26th, 2010at 2:19 pm

Nothing is static. Just because things have been a certain way in the past does not mean that they will continue that way into the future. At The Content Project we believe that this is particularly true of online, premium content, be it from an individual expert or a large media company. Online content creators, [...]

The risk of using free information in mobile marketing

Posted by Angel Evan on October 24th, 2010at 11:44 pm

With the exception to bottom line revenue, there is nothing more important in marketing than understanding the customer. While companies like Nielsen are moving towards “on-device” monitoring, we've found that the best information usually comes from panel data or primary research. One of the biggest mistakes I see clients (and agencies) make is using what [...]

More Parties Added for ad:tech New York

Posted by Steve Hall on October 24th, 2010at 5:50 pm

Even though ad:tech is just two days this year, that hasn't slowed the party schedule at all. In addition to the Moss Networks VIP Mixx + Mingle, Epic will host its third annual ad:tech Bash.

The party will take place at Hudson Terrace Wednesday, November 3 beginning at 9PM. There will be an open bar from 9PM to midnight. RSVP information is here.