Apps: A Game Changer

Posted by Alex Matjanec on September 30th, 2010 at 8:47 pm

This week I had the pleasure of seeing my friend sit on a panel at that other ad event. The topic was applications and how big of a game changer they are or will be to both retailers and marketers.

The panel was 45 minutes long and while great points were made, I was shocked by how quickly each panelist jumped to mobile. How brainwashed has Apple made us? While there is no denying that mobile is the main platform in which apps are being used, never forget apps are products that can be applied to other technologies. A perfect example: tablets and televisions. The next time you see a commercial or are checking out the biggest and baddest T.V. at your local electronic store, take a glance at all the apps that now exist; Twitter, Facebook, Weather, NPR, the concept of utilizing apps is quickly moving away from only mobile phones.

It’s probably fair to say that the move to apps as a way of engaging with brands and software online is going to grow, but we as marketers need to open our scope and realize that apps can be leveraged in more ways then just mobile – especially if they are going to be the game changer everyone expects them to be.

On another note, I am big snowboarder and extremely pumped for this season. So when I heard about a partnership between Nokia and Burton, I knew it was going to be re-donk-u-lous!

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One Response to “Apps: A Game Changer”

  1. Apps: A game changer in mobile? Certainly. Especially as consumers continue to personalize their mobile phones. It's a more qualified way for marketers and content publishers to reach their audiences (with relevant in-app ads/promotions) and finally, an opportunity for app developers to make more $$$.

    But you're right -- Apps are changing the game across devices - smartphones, tablets, set-top-box/TV, PC/Mac, even cars...

    I'm hoping to see more about this at Ad:Tech NY.