Ad Innovations Master Track

Posted by Alan Schulman on September 27th, 2010 at 4:15 pm

As ad:tech NY approaches, so too are a myriad of new technologies that have the words "Ad Supported" attached to their business plans.  With the venture and private capital markets heating up once again, it's astounding to hear how little the capital markets know about the current chaotic state of ad models, commoditization and the Option Anxiety more and more brand marketers are facing in deciding what to pay attention to -- and invest in.   With saavy brand marketers embracing more and more diverse realtime strategies and tactics (from Old Spice to Burberry to Target), others still arduously debate the movement of TV dollars to online video and other digital platforms.  As an Ad Innovation Master at this year's ad:tech NY conference, I can assure a throw-down of new and emerging technologies as well as brands that have taken gutsy steps to innovate around their brand propositions with them.  As for the VC's, let's hope they can cross the chasm with a greater sense of what brands are really looking for to make impact - other than just a reach cpm.

Want a taste?  Check out our collaboration with SKYHOOK's LBS "crowd tracking" heatmapping application that helped track movement of country music fans from branded stage to branded stage at this years CMA Music Festival in Nashville.  Event Sponsorship ROI has always been a bit of an elusive measure - but for those who sponsored this year's CMA MusicFest, we architected a realtime glimpse at both social platform postings AND geographic movement.  Once special guest artist appearances were tweeted about, sponsors had the ability to watch as the eyeballs moved from branded locale to locale as it happened.

Hope you'll come and catch this and many of more of the latest during the AD INNOVATIONS Master Track at this years New York conference.  I promise U'll Dig.

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