A Conversation with Mickey Alam Khan, Editor-in-Chief, Mobile Marketer

Posted by Lindsey Thomas on April 22nd, 2010 at 7:24 pm

This week at ad:techSF there was a lot of buzz about the mobile marketing landscape. I had the fortunate opportunity to sit down with Mickey Alam Khan, Editor-in-Chief at Mobile Marketer to discuss some of the hot topics. Mickey lead the Marketing Master Session: Mobile Marketing – How Brands Can Effectively Target Consumers on the go yesterday. Here is what he had to say about why he is dedicated to attending ad:tech and some interesting mobile trends:

What brings you to ad:tech this year?

The community – I get excited to return every year since 1999! Buzz in the air, energy on the ground, the potential for building relationships and an opportunity to catch up with industry colleagues. Ad:tech is truly the town square for interactive marketers.

What are a few big mobile marketing trends, innovations that you are seeing from brands today?

The trend we are seeing more of is fortune 500 brands are including mobile in their multi-channel marketing efforts. Mobile efforts are more sophisticated and more measurable. Marketers are inching towards programs not just campaigns, they seem to understand they need to be where consumers are and that’s mobile.

What are your thoughts on all the location-based mobile opportunities?

Marketers need more education on location-based advertising and its potential. Also, they need more education on the potential of proper location base use. Opt-in location based advertising is the true promise of mobile – winning the war one battle at a time is incumbent on agencies and mobile market providers to offer great case studies and best practices on how location-based marketing serves customer needs at the moment their customers needs arise.

What is mobile today?

The definition of mobile is evolving - today it is about phones tomorrow it will be about laptops, iPads, etc. The consumer is undeterred you cant use deterred marketing when they are on-the-go.

I agree with Mickey, mobile advertising is following a development path similar to Internet advertising; focused on lifestyles and audience. As mobile marketing matures, it will become less about the device and more about the audience.

4 Responses to “A Conversation with Mickey Alam Khan, Editor-in-Chief, Mobile Marketer”

  1. Lonny Dunn says:

    I agree with the overall movement of mobile marketing. After years of predicting that the Mobile Revolution was upon us, many firms recieved shall we say "anticlimatic" results, which underperformed. This trend however, is set to reverse itself, some would say already has. As phones become obsolete, broken lost or destroyed, the number of Web Enabled phones will double to about 80 Million by 2012. That is phenomenal growth! Notwithstanding Congressional hindrances, like the bandwidth auctions holding mobile back, the industry has forged ahead and is obviously in the launch mode.

    Considering all anyone has to do is put a link in a text message this is great news for any business, large or small and individuals looking to A. Increase Appointment "Sit" ratios, B. Send a Map to their Location, C. Send a user to thier website. D. Many other funtions, which cannot be covered here. Even if that is all the mobile technology any of us use: inserting links in our text messages, that is a big difference over the last few years.

    But there is a confluence of technologies emerging which override smaller applications like eBooks, iPads, notebooks and the like. This convergence involves 1. Text Messaging Universality 2. Emergence from the duldrums of Web Enabled Phones and 3. Mobile Video Application. These 3 arenas can be focused upon now by Companies to strategically situate themselves for a more mobile world.

    Text messaging is actually more universal than eMail. More people text every day than they eMail correspond.

    As noted, more and more people are buying Web Enabled Phones.

    Video Search Engine/Social Networking sites like YouTube have more hits than either Google or Yahoo consitantly month after month.

    Following your advice, Lindsey, and vicariously, Mickey, to pay attention to the audience, then these three indicators would seem to spell the way for us, correct? We can begin to apply ourselves to the text message/hyperlink technology now. We can take advantage of this over many uses, and our day to day lives. And we can begin to structure our businesses for short, crisp video presentations that will work on Mobile Apps.

    Companies that explore the technology sooner rather than later will not only lead the way, but be better situated to take advantage of this convergence.

    Keep up the good journalism, I really appreciate a good read.

    Lonny Dunn, Sr.
    Director of Operations
    Follow me: http://www.twitter.com/ProDevNetworker

  2. Husgrund says:

    Mobile marketing definately is coming. Trends I think will be coming more and more.
    - Iphone - cant emphasise this enough - it is fantastic how a company like apple can change a whole world. Suddenly everybody uses the mobile to surf. Was not really the case before iphone
    - Apps - the app market is truly amazing. Nobody can see what that is going. Can be as big as internet itself.

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