Apps, Widgets and Gadgets: The New World of Distributed Content

Posted by Drew Hubbard on April 21st, 2010 at 10:51 pm
Session Leader:
  • Michael Moroney, Senior VP of Digital Media, TBA Global
  • Chris Cunningham, Founder and CEO, appssavvy
  • Adam Krause, Senior Manager, Online Advertising, Ubisoft
  • Will Price, CEO, WidgetBox
  • Ryan Roslansky, Director of Product Management, LinkedIn
  • Jon Siegal, CEO, FanAppz
  • Jason Ziemianski, VP, Interactive, MOLOTOV


  • Brands do not equal advertising. Brands equal engagement. But brands have multiple voices, and the correct voice is dependent on the audience.
  • All media is now social media, so brands need to view people as people instead of consumers. This represents a shift in marketing thinking.
  • "Share rate" is the new killer metric for social media.
  • All media is part of the same ecosystem, so it's not just about Facebook or YouTube, or Flickr. They are all part of the same entity. Therefore, it's important to think larger and develop strategies based on your audience. In other words, don't consider a mobile strategy the same thing as an iPhone strategy, and don't consider a video strategy the same thing as a YouTube strategy. Think larger.
  • Design with a capital "D" is hugely important. Know your audience and design to it. There aren't just two schools of designers anymore (web and print). We need to identify the best folks to design for specific media.
  • Use existing fans and brand advocates to syndicate your content for you. FanAppz is an existing platform that can help achieve this.
  • It's time to end the "turf battles" over where content should live. It should live everywhere.
  • Consider lifetime value over transaction value. Therefore, transaction metrics like sales conversions should not be the only thing measured. Think about engaging a fan like you might think about collecting an email address. The value of that fan has the potential for returning value many times over.
  • Brands should consider using their dynamic social media content as part of their advertising. With rich social media content, the use of static product photos and descriptions is starting to seem outdated. Existing tools like WidgetBox allow users to create dynamic content with little to no technical knowhow.
  • Getting with the client before an RFP happens is critical. Being part of the strategy development is important. It's not specifically about the execution. Instead it is about how to execute on the bigger strategy idea.

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    • Ad:tech was a great show, in a way.. the dmg crew made it easy to get information and access the tech sessions.. If any indication about our industry was the number of people there then it was very promising..however..and there's always a however... it would have been valuable if they could have done a basic primer to all attendees to help everyone understand where all the new technologies and companies fit together.

      If I dropped in from the moon it would be such a mish mash that would be tough to decipher what was going on.
      heck I been in the ad industry for a zillion years and it was still confusing.

      DMG let's clean up the information ... maybe make it like an Ikea shopping experience.. start here..go here then you're there..or something like that.

      Along the way have the exhibitors in each stage of the progression situated like point of sale displays .... so a marketer from the "outside" can intelligently shop... I can see it.. "I'll have one of those and one of these and do I really need this?"

      spiff it up. be novel. heck drop in any cliche "here" I like the KISS principal.

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  3. hiiie
    it would score been expensive if they could mortal finished a first priming to all attendees to ameliorate everyone translate where all the new technologies and companies fit together...................
    Advanced Technology

  4. Dave Tek says:

    I cant believe i missed ad tech this year

  5. "It’s time to end the “turf battles” over where content should live. It should live everywhere"


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    Advertising Agency Blog

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