ad:tech attendees ring in on Apple’s iAd

Posted by Greg Bardsley on April 21st, 2010 at 8:20 am

Apple's announcement of the iAd has sent shock waves through the marketing world, and there is no place the effect has been felt more than right here at ad:tech.

Is the iAd a bright opportunity or a crippling blow for digital marketers? We talked with some ad:tech attendees to determine just that.

One Response to “ad:tech attendees ring in on Apple’s iAd”

  1. Elliot Benn says:

    Having recently worked in partnership with mobile media company Greystripe, I can tell you the iAd is nothing new. In fact Greystripe perfected the in in-app, rich media ad experience almost a year and a half ago. Greystripe has also developed the technology to enable flash supported creative to run within the iphone environment. Also a first. Good for Steve Jobs and my friends at Quattro for bringing this technology to the forefront, but don't forget the guys who are already doing it and doing it well. Props to Michael Chang and the folks at Greystripe.