Building the Better Digital Media Plan

Posted by Drew Hubbard on April 20th, 2010 at 11:59 pm
  • Marti Funk, Principal, Alpine Collective, LLC
  • Tamara Bousquet, Senior VP, Media Director MEA Digital


  • Don't forget the basics roles that media play: inspire (share of voice), empower (mass appeal), remind (sales).
  • New ways to think about these three basic roles:
    1. Virtual Events
    2. "Always on" Brand Dialog
    3. Ubiquitous Portability
    4. Micro Movements
    5. Collaborative Commerce: consumer empowerment (example: Carrot Mob)
    6. eCRM (example: Best Buy's Facebook fan page)
    7. Audience Targeting
    8. Localization (example: Foursquare)
    9. Cross Media Synergies: using offline to drive awareness of online campaigns
    10. Partner Relationships
  • It's important to move away from the old notion that we buy media. Brands need to work to create their own media.
  • To be taken seriously as digital marketers, reject the 24-hour turnaround on an RFP. Digital media is legitimate and needs to be treated that way. Digital marketers should start acting the part.
  • To boil it down:
    • Be relevant
    • Stay current
    • Be open
    • Be a leader
    • Engage
    • Be passionate
    • Focus on partnership
    • Digital is not a silo
    • Media is creative

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