The Internet’s Funniest People at ad:tech

Posted by Daisy Whitney on April 7th, 2010 at 12:36 am
I thought I had one of those old turbans in my closet. You know the kind fortune tellers wear on their heads? It was from a costume, used ironically enough, in a video my husband and I produced for a local real estate firm. Turns out I don't have the headgear anymore.

But the bigger question is why did I even need one in the first place for ad:tech San Francisco?

For Kevin Nalty of course.

The YouTube star and career marketer, who's shepherded big marketing budgets at pharmaceutical companies, is emceeing our closing session at ad:tech San Francisco, with Revision3's CEO Jim Louderback right next to him as his trusty Ed McMahon. For all you TV historians out there, Johnny Carson famously wore one of those turbans during a regular bit he did on "The Tonight Show." That classic program's style is what we're modeling our keynote after.

Called "The Internet's Funniest People," our closing session is designed to make audiences laugh (we really hope these Web stars are funny!) but we also want to educate attendees too about the range of ways that brands are integrating with top talent online in clever ways. So you'll get to watch The Fine Bros do their rapid-fire movie spoilers, enjoy a bit of standup from's Alex Koll, partake in a parody bit between Kevin and fellow Web producer Greg Benson, check out the latest sketch from the team at and see Internet hotshot "Alphacat" impersonate the president.

You'll also learn about the pitfalls and opportunities in how advertisers want to work with creators online and how the talents want to work with brands. These Web acts will entertain, and then Kevin and Jim will dig into the business side with each, such as how they're faring with advertisers, how they weave in a message and how the interplay between brands and creators can be made even better.

You don't need a fortune teller to predict this'll be a great closer!

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  1. Todd Ulise says:

    The Laugh Button is the funniest at Ad Tech #thelaughbuton