ad:tech Was Big and so Were the Parties

Posted by Steve Hall on April 23rd, 2010at 3:25 pm

On Tuesday night there were more parties than the average human could possibly attend. But we're not average so we made it to every party except two. Eight in all. The night kicked of at 5PM on top of the Moscone Center at B Restaurant where the Meetup202 party took place. After so many years attending ad:tech at the Moscone, we never knew this place existed. It's quite nice with a beautiful view of the Yerba Buena Gardens.

Then it was over to Temple Night Club for the Blumberg Capital & DoubleVerify Cocktail Party. Sadly, we couldn't stay long but the food was good and people were flooding in the doorway as we walked out. A quick trip to the W brought us to the Oldtimers party in the lobby, where no less than three other companies were having mini parties. Can we please find a better venue/hang-out than the W? The St. Regis perhaps?

A Conversation with Mickey Alam Khan, Editor-in-Chief, Mobile Marketer

Posted by Lindsey Thomas on April 22nd, 2010at 7:24 pm

This week at ad:techSF there was a lot of buzz about the mobile marketing landscape. I had the fortunate opportunity to sit down with Mickey Alam Khan, Editor-in-Chief at Mobile Marketer to discuss some of the hot topics. Mickey lead the Marketing Master Session: Mobile Marketing – How Brands Can Effectively Target Consumers on the [...]

ad:tech Exhibit Hall Never Ceases to Amaze

Posted by Steve Hall on April 22nd, 2010at 3:42 pm

Every ad:tech comes with a varying degree of exhibit hall antics. Mascots. Women dressed as poker chips. A women impersonating Lara Croft. Rubber frogs. A panalopy of pleated plaid mini skirted women pimping whatever they're paid to pimp.

And a company that actually named itself Lead Beaver. Yes, Lead Beaver. With hired beav...uh...models to wear branded red leather coats.

We love this sort of fun as much as the next person. After all, if we didn't have companies performing these exhibit hall antics, what would we have to take pictures of? A product demo? Who really wants to see that? No, e want some fun injected into our day. And we can thank Lead Beaver and its lovely representatives for doing just that.

A funny close to AdTech 2010

Posted by Sean X Cummings on April 22nd, 2010at 2:55 am

Closing out Ad:Tech 2010 was a keynote that assembled some of the funniest people that have leveraged video online. Unfortunately, as they indicated, the sneezing Panda could not make an appearance, nor did "Charlie bit my finger!" who blamed not making it on some volcanic ass... oops, "ash." It was an onslaught of some of the [...]

Apps, Widgets and Gadgets: The New World of Distributed Content

Posted by Drew Hubbard on April 21st, 2010at 10:51 pm

Widgets and apps offer brands and businesses a way to communicate a marketing message in a dynamic way in a short amount of time. It is important that the agency or social media manager be part of the strategy development and not just the execution. Marketing in social media is not just about creating content on different platforms. Instead, it's more about spreading a larger idea across as many channels as possible to reach the appropriate audience.

Why Big Advertising Dollars are Moving to Online Video

Posted by Drew Hubbard on April 21st, 2010at 6:54 pm

Video is positioned to become the primary form of brand advertising in the digital space. Video should not stand along but rather be part of a bigger creative idea in order to be successful. On the back end, measurement and monitoring are vital parts of communicating a video campaign's success. Finally, paid support is almost always a required part of any video seeding effort. Brands will rarely see runaway successes that are purely organic.

Traditional and digital: Will they blend?

Posted by Jodi Harris on April 21st, 2010at 5:41 pm

As digital agencies become more entrenched in the infrastructure of the media industry, and as traditional agencies strive to keep their skills current, it begs the question: Who will lead and who will follow?

ad:tech attendees ring in on Apple’s iAd

Posted by Greg Bardsley on April 21st, 2010at 8:20 am

Apple's announcement of the iAd has sent shock waves through the marketing world, and there is no place the effect has been felt more than right here at ad:tech.
Is the iAd a bright opportunity or a crippling blow for digital marketers? We talked with some ad:tech attendees to determine just that.

Influence Trounces Impression, leaves it to die on the side of the road

Posted by Ana Yoerg on April 21st, 2010at 6:00 am

Impressions are not only dying, they're downright ancient, concluded panelists at the "New World of Word of Mouth" gathering on Tuesday afternoon.
Rather, it's now all about influence. The audience was presented with two case studies, one "earned" and one "bought" campaign -- but both with impressive results. Some of the more helpful figures was Bob [...]

White-hot San Francisco tech companies — and why they matter

Posted by Lori Luechtefeld on April 21st, 2010at 2:15 am

In Tuesday's closing keynote at ad:tech San Francisco, Geoff Ramsey, CEO and co-founder of eMarketer, and Lori Schwartz, executive director of IPG Media Lab, presented four of the hottest trends in digital marketing by profiling four promising San Francisco companies -- and discussing why they matter to digital marketers.