The Value In Sharing War Stories With Other Brand Marketers

Posted by Kip Edwardson on March 24th, 2010 at 10:02 pm

I just got off the phone with Neil Perry, who is going to be moderating the Monday sessions for the brand tracks this year at ad:tech San Francisco, and he was asking if I would be willing to participate and help out.

I met Neil years ago at an iMedia event and have gotten to know him over the years, and have thoroughly enjoyed the “Marketer’s Only” meetings at the iMedia Brand Summits where Neil is the moderator. Those meetings are always the highlight of the Summits for us marketers, as we swap war stories, pick up advice from each other, tackle the latest topics facing our industry and generally meet colleagues from other companies willing to help make an introduction or recommend a partner or agency.

I’m not sure where the idea started, but Neil has been the moderator of those meetings since the beginning and he “feels our pain,” as he likes to say from his days in brand management at McDonalds.

While those are closed-door meetings only for marketers, we won’t have that same luxury at ad:Tech, however I highly recommend any brand marketer who will be arriving prior to Monday afternoon to attend if you can. In addition to the open discussions, I’m certain you can find at least two or three other marketers who can help you navigate the social media waters, pick a new search engine optimization agency, or give some advice on the RFP you are about to send out.

For me, I like to hear how companies are aligning themselves internally as the landscape changes right before our eyes. Who is handling your mobile strategy? Does your digital budget come from the media side or brand? What success have you had getting buy-in from senior management?

This will also be a great way to help you decide which sessions to attend to maximize your time at ad:Tech. I’ll see you there.

2 Responses to “The Value In Sharing War Stories With Other Brand Marketers”

  1. Neil Perry says:

    Thanks for the kind words Kip, and for setting the stage for our Ad:Tech SF brand meeting.
    This is something new and different for Ad:Tech, combining the richness of the marketers only discussions which have been established at the iMedia Brand Summits with the dynamic, new agenda offerings of this year's Ad:Tech.
    We are hoping that our Monday afternoon sessions, which start at 2 p.m., will prove to be a worthy kick-off for the new Ad:Tech, and I look forward to meeting a whole new group of marketers from the industry and spending time talking about wassup!
    See you in San Francisco.

  2. I think this issue needs a disclosure with other marketers to be able to know the real world and the competition of businesses all over the country.