Sparking the Social Graph at Levi’s with Megan O’Connor

Posted by Susan Bratton on March 23rd, 2010 at 5:54 pm

Megan O'Connor, Levi's Digital Marketing

Megan O'Connor, head of digital marketing at Levi Strauss will be speaking about Earned Media  at the ad:tech SF  “Marketing Masters” series.

Here’s a Q&A between Megan and Susan Bratton, Marketing Master of the Social Media track,  covering her latest insights.

First, tell me a little about your role at Levi Strauss. What do you oversee? What is your budget for these activities? Do you use any external agencies? How big is your team?


I am the Director of Digital and Social Marketing. I oversee all digital marketing as it related to such as performance media, paid search and brand engagement on the site. I also oversee the social marketing efforts for the brand. I have a team of 4 people and, yes, we use multiple outside agencies: Razorfish for media, Silverlign for creative and TrueAction for email and of course Weiden + Kennedy for our brand work. We don’t reveal budgets, but we are investing in the digital space.  

How do you pigeonhole social media marketing in your mind? For example, I think it has two basic buckets, Social Listening and Social Participation. From there would be eCRM, Lead Gen, other kinds of outcomes. How do you organize your thinking about the category?
This is a great question and very hard to answer since the space is evolving daily. It is interesting how you are bucketing it, however I don’t look at it that way because all social marketing has a participation, listening AND feedback loop. If it doesn’t it isn’t working.


How would you typify your overarching social media strategy?
We are looking to spark the social graph, tell our unique brand story and sell products.

What are the laundry list of programs in which you are involved in social media, by corporate initiative and by brand?
The list is extensive and always evolving, but we are putting a heavy emphasis on Facebook—not just the platform itself, but also how it is spread across the internet.

How important are "influencers" in your overall social strategy? Do you target them? Try to identify them? Have special programs for them? Or is every follower a potential customer/prospect, all people created equal in your social operating plan?
Currently, all people are created equal, but we are doing some work around influencer programs.

How have you put ROI metrics around your social influence marketing and what those metrics might be?
Internally, I have fought to NOT put ROI metrics against our program YET. Since we are relatively new to the space, we need some time to learn, measure and react. I don’t want to relegate social media to only a performance driven medium. Having said that, I am, at the same time, trying to establish ROI metrics around: direct sales online and influence affect of a fan versus and email name.

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