Utopia can mean many things to many people

Posted by Lindsey Thomas on March 11th, 2010 at 9:52 pm

What does Utopia mean to you? For many in today’s electronic-dependent world, a day without a computer, email, or iPod would provide that utopic “tune-out” experience…a few hours to yourself to collect your thoughts and dodge the noise of everyday life.  I would argue, however, if you were to take Wi-Fi out of the day-to-day equation, these same people would not be at peace, but would be panicky and worried at the thought of being so utterly disconnected from the world.

A world, to many, without games, Facebook updates, tweets, or FourSquare status is one full of chaos and unknown.  Consumers, myself included, have become dependent on WiFi and the data they can consume as a result of this high-speed connection. In fact, consumers are spending an average of 44% of their time outside the home or office, and are relying on WiFi hotspots to stay connected during this time away. Technology is enabling a huge increase in consumer utility and “connectedness”. The continuing surge in smartphone saturation and the rush of new devices into the mobile market (laptops, netbooks, eBooks, gaming devices, etc.) is drastically changing the rules of engagement between marketers and consumers.

As a result, audiences are always shifting and moving, and brand marketers are tasked with rethinking their approach…to change their strategies for reaching these dynamic consumers. The question for marketers has become “How do I reach this on-the-go audience across ever expanding array of Wi-Fi devices?” As a marketer myself, I find that I ask myself (and my team) this same question on a weekly, if not daily, basis…

Thus, I’m looking forward to ad:tech to hear how marketers & agencies are working internally to figure out how to best approach this fragmented landscape.  I am excited to learn and share best practices for bringing DOOH, Digital, and Mobile to an intersection where reaching an audience becomes more relevant than an advertising distribution channel or a device.

Today, Utopia can mean many things to many people – listening to waves crash on the beach, enjoying a yoga class, decompressing with a spa massage - but one thing that we all have in common (when we do need to stay connected to the “day-to-day”) is our enjoyment of using the convenience and speed of Wi-Fi connectivity to get the job done efficiently and effectively!

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