Measurement Opportunities in the Digital Space

Posted by Sarah Haddow on March 31st, 2010at 11:23 pm

A unique opportunity we have in the digital space is tracking and measurement. The interactions we have the ability to track are infinite

Complete Your ad:tech Experience With Parties

Posted by Steve Hall on March 31st, 2010at 4:03 pm

In the weeks leading up to the ad:tech San Francisco conference, the party invites begin to roll in and it's our job (well, someone has to do it) to gather them together, place them on an easy to access Google calendar (see sidebar) and share the details of each party here with you. So, here we go.

Creating Socially-Optimized Facebook Maps with Melyssa Glassman, New Belgian Brewing

Posted by Susan Bratton on March 31st, 2010at 11:59 am

Melyssa Glassman, Creative Director at New Belgium Brewing  will be sharing her local Facebook strategy at the ad:tech SF  “Marketing Masters” series.
Here’s a Q&A between Melyssa and I as Marketing Master of the Social Media track covering her latest insights.
First, tell me a little about your role at New Belgium. What do you oversee?
As [...]

Red Door Interactive’s Reid Carr on what to expect from ad:tech

Posted by Reid Carr on March 30th, 2010at 10:42 pm

Meet Reid Carr, President and CEO of Red Door Interactive. Reid is the Creative Agency Ambassador at ad:tech San Francisco April 19 – 21, 2010.

Toyota’s Initiatives to Reinforce Customer Loyalty and Brand Champions

Posted by Susan Bratton on March 30th, 2010at 7:14 pm

Doug Frisbie, National Social Media and Marketing Integration Manager at Toyota Motor Sales will be sharing his current social media strategy at the ad:tech SF  “Marketing Masters” series.
This presentation follows my "social approach" framework for coming up with YOUR social media strategy and Dave Evans of Digital VooDoo's presentation on metrics and trends in social [...]

On the Lookout for a New Kind of Ad Network

Posted by Chas Edwards on March 29th, 2010at 5:36 pm

I'm headed to ad:tech hoping to get a better sense of the value ad networks might bring to publishers and brands. After listening to pitches from around 50 of them over the past 5 years, I have to admit I've become a bit cynical.

Use e-mail for what e-mail is best at! And therefore reduce the e-mail overload

Posted by Pierre Khwanad on March 29th, 2010at 5:22 pm

E-mail is easy. It is quick. It costs virtually nothing (if we are only looking at the hard costs). In addition, we can say whatever we want in an e-mail and not get interrupted by someone else’s point of view (can be rewarding but dangerous).

Getting the Most from ad:tech

Posted by Sam Stetson on March 25th, 2010at 10:46 pm

As a session leader, this is the first time I've gotten a look behind the scenes at ad:tech. It is very exciting to see first-hand, all the energy, focus and strategy behind this event.

The Value In Sharing War Stories With Other Brand Marketers

Posted by Kip Edwardson on March 24th, 2010at 10:02 pm

I just got off the phone with Neil Perry, who is going to be moderating the Monday sessions for the brand tracks this year at ad:tech San Francisco, and he was asking if I would be willing to participate and help out.

The implications of tracking opt outs

Posted by Nicole Rawski on March 24th, 2010at 4:08 pm

Google Analytics, the most used web analytics tool, recently announced that they will be implementing a browser-based plugin that allows users to opt-out of being tracked.
What does this mean for someone who uses Google Analytics to optimize their online performance? In my opinion, it doesn’t mean much. There will always be users who don’t want [...]