Shelly Palmer Kicked Butt at ad:tech Digital Boot Camp

Posted by staff on November 10th, 2009at 10:00 am
Written by Heather Smith @HeatherinBC

Shelly Palmer’s Digital Boot Camp at ad:tech kicked butt. If you are serious about your career your online presence must reflect it, with no room for error.

Shelly’s first advice was, ‘google’ your name with quotations around the words - like this, “Heather Smith”. DON"T google my name though because you will see Heather Smith, the Porn Star - lol! If your name comes up with good results on the first page you’ve got a great web presence. If it doesn’t Shelly has some tips to help you.

How Can Brands Use Social Networks and Connect with Consumers?

Posted by staff on November 9th, 2009at 6:00 pm
Written by Richard Cacciato

This was a great panel moderated by David Carrel, Senior VP Strategy and Analysis, Digitas. Panelists were Kay Madati, VP, Audience Experience & Engagement, CNN Worldwide, Bonin Bough, Global Social Media Director, PepsiCo, Kent Schoen, Product Marketing Manager, Facebook, Jeff Fleischman, Chief Digital Officer, TIAA-CREF, and Pete Blackshaw, Executive VP of Digital Strategic Services, Nielsen Online.

Time Travel with Mazda at ad:tech

Posted by staff on November 6th, 2009at 6:00 pm
Written by Heather Smith

I attended the session, “Creative Showcase II: Cool Stuff - That works!” at ad:tech on November 5 - and was totally impressed with the quality of information, the topic and the statistics. Once again, the panelists were giving “thumbs up” to the blogging community for their part in helping execute tremendously successful advertising campaigns!

Digital Branding: Measuring the Effectiveness of Online Brand Advertising

Posted by staff on November 6th, 2009at 6:00 pm
Written by Richard Cacciato

In 2008, US measured media was $280 billion, of which $254 billion was offline and $26 billion online. 73% of offline media was brand marketing whereas online, direct response marketing was 76% of the mix. Part of the skew is attributable to the measurability of direct response, particularly online, and the difficulty of measuring brand marketing.

What’s Next in Advertising – (More) Widgets, Apps, Viral Video? or Something Completely Different?

Posted by staff on November 6th, 2009at 6:00 pm
Written by ana

Highlights from The Next Frontier in Advertising — Widgets, Apps, and Viral Video:

From Ro Choy of RockYou…
Build Fan pages — it’s by far the most cost efficient way to amplify your reach across Facebook’s user base. Also consider CPC ads on Facebook: there’s no better place than social media for performance marketing. At one point, Facebook might even be Google’s biggest competitor.